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At IPAMARK, we have a team of professionals highly specialised in the valuation of all types of intagible assets.

In 1992 we had already conducted the first valuation of an important wine and liquor trademark portfolio which, because of its idiosyncrasy and manner of approaching the subject, entailed implementing new valuation criteria which also served as a basis for other sectors.


Valuations of industrial property assets are requested for very different reasons, among which we highlight:


  • Management support to know the value, to help the recognition of the result of investments in commercial actions, to help identify the drivers of the demand and to make decisions in expansion processes, as well as to set the conditions in licenses and franchises.
  • The intangible assets acquired must be accounted for at fair value.
  • Litigation for unfair competition, claim for damages or for usurpation of rights.
  • Financial purposes, in attracting investors, or contribution of the intangible as a guarantee to support financing, etc.
  • Tax planning, by different types of property organization or taxation in different countries.
  • Asset transactions, mergers and acquisition of companies.


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