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Ipamark has vast experience in providing advice and registration services in relation to domain names, and it is also very skilled in defending them. Not in vain Ipamark.com domain is registered since 1997, at the dawn of the Internet in Spain.

 We can help to successfully solve and overcome any administrative objections arising during registration and we can also defend domains at any level and in any scope.


We have experience in legal claims for infringement of trademark law, for the use of the same in keywords included on other pages, as well as making the appropriate claim to Google, so that this search engine executes restrictions on the use of the same in Adwords ads by the advertisers or search engines that once included the brand/mark in a promotional campaign and that continue using it without the owner’s consent.


In accordance with our trademark protection and surveillance services, we also offer a domain alert service, which allows the owners of the brands that hire it to be notified, at the time the monitored brand is activated at any domain extension, generic, territorial or new gTLD domain.


Unlike with Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), which you probably had heard of, this service includes the generic domains (.com for example) and territorials (.es).


Initially, when contracting the domain alert Service, we send a list of all those which are active with the mane to be watched and subsequently, every month, we notify you of the new ones that are activated. Finally, if any of the domains that we have detected previously enters the expiation period, we will also notify you in case you are interested in registering it on your name.

if you wish more information on any other of our services you can consult this page, ask us directly without obligation through e-mail, telephone, or if you prefer a direct deal, our Industrial Property consultant closest to your home will visit you, without obligation on your part.